Εuangelion | Ευαγγέλιοn – Greek for “message” or “the messenger” - is a crossover Hip Hop/Reggae artist from British Columbia, Canada. Describing his life as “‘kaleidoscopic’ at best and ‘interestingly colourful’ at worst”, his music is aimed at encouraging audiences to question everything around them, from people to philosophies to institutions.

His music is direct, punchy and energetic, with a charismatic flow that reminds us of the greats of the Hip Hop and Reggae genre, including Nas, Eminem, Shabba Ranks or Raekwon, just to name a few.
Euangelion is known for his uncommon blend of Hip-Hop and Reggae - which allowed him to tantalize his audience with a unique textures engaging lyrics and infectious lines. This skilled artist has a distinctive lyrical flow with a stunning feel, drifting on the groove perfectly. Euangelion is currently in the process of working on his debut album, which is slated for a 2020 release!

Julia Grange, African Gazette 

There are many articles on the internet that answers the what of the greek word Euangelion | Ευαγγέλιon but this article is about the who is Euangelion. The "Who" is more personal, it is more potent and meaningful. The "What" is as dry as the dust of the men who preached about Euangelion in the past but in the present there is an animation of words and action.

The Autobiography of Euangelion the Messenger

Born a millennial, stones throw form Montego Bay, in rural St James, Jamaica. He attended a one-room school, separated into classrooms by blackboards and desks. The teachers, he had put the fear of God in him by using corporal punishment. He learnt out of fear the basic academic requirements of childhood except during one summer he had a teacher Ms. Leemook who taught him the foundations of the language of Mathematics. His love for Maths was born then but he was an inconsistent student. As a matter of fact throughout his life he had a restless mind, always striving but never seeming to settle into one thing for too long. His mother called him a, “Jack of all trades.” He could accomplish anything I set his mind to with ease or with a little bit of hard work, achieving his undertakings.

But as for me my feet were almost gone my steps had well neigh slipped...

After graduating from Harrison Memorial High School he began pre-ministerial studies at Northern Caribbean University, in Mandeville, JA. These studies included Old and New Testament history, theology, Greek among others. By taking overloads and testing through many courses, completed all of the requirements for Northern Caribbean University’s Ministerial degree. Upon graduation he entered the ministry and practice as a junior pastor and was ordained as an elder with the authority to carry out the rites and responsibilities of that position. As a minister he baptized almost 100 souls but that was just the foundation of his ministerial calling. On March 15, 2020 he released his first solo album - The Last Witness Vol.1 with the intention and will to release a follow up album soon after.

If a country could be transformed into The True Nutopia it would be a place where everyone live in peace and harmony with each other and with nature and the environment.  The social system in most countries does not function for all its citizens.  Some citizen from time to time benefit over others not like them.  This has many labels classism, racism, ethnocentrism among others.   

The legal code does not work for minorities as it should, it has also not been explained to most minority groups. If it did it would allow them to navigate the social ladder easily or easier. Maybe even as ably as the majority. Another nod to the Conflicts Theory because it has been said, that some people are able to make fortunes by navigating the loopholes of the law. It takes capital to do this or if you have the intellectual will. For where one lacks power the other does not. There needs to be equal opportunities in every area of our life where applied. What if everyone had it? Then none would be at a disadvantage. Herein lies true Nutopia, the utopian dream.

“Reverence my Sanctuary,” these words in gold highlighted with red mimicked the appearance of fire. They were one the first things you’d observed as you entered through the divided doors of the church my mother cleaned each week. My mother is the kindest and most selfless person I know and one of the things that brought her happiness was helping the poor and needy in my community. Yet there was an old man, not poor or needy, our neighbour who she helped without any reward not even when he eventually died did his family acknowledged what she did for him. My father on the other hand was a subsistence farmer, who worked everyday except on Sabbath to see that his family had the basics of life.

I followed my mother as a toddler and child when she went to clean the church each week. I played among the pews somewhat reluctantly because I was reminded of the sacredness of the place I was in. The most sacred place the pulpit where the preacher spits the word each week. I was precisely forbidden to go there and was reminded of stories in the Hebrew Scriptures of people who disregarded sacred objects and was severely punished for it.

Later in life after finishing ministerial college I descended the steps to the same podium and delivered my first sermon witnessed by my parents and childhood friends and the Spirit of Jah. It was an arduous journey fought with many obstacles but through the grace of Jah I made it.

Later in life I find myself switching careers and here I am on the same journey but doing something different, as new weapon or tool in an expert’s hand. Euangelion, the good news, the messenger is the message.

This is a unique position to occupy. A call to fulfill a spot, purpose that no other is fulfilling at this time.  My work is not primarily commercial raps! These verses are meant to heal, to inspire to challenge and to bring knowledge.

Many can identify with the stories. A broken family, children that no longer spend quality time with parent, passing on key instructions missing, an unjust society, and the omnipresence of Jah.

If you could tell your children anything of importance what would that be?  Let the voice of Euangelion speak.

Before the legalization of marijuana Euangelion and friends would sneaked away from classes and smoked weed. While his friends purposes were probably differed from his. He was searching, inquiring for something different, deeper more meaningful, a spiritual experience with God.

There was the circle and after each person from the circle took a hit of the spliff or the chalice a psalm was read or chanted, augmented by a prayer.

Euangelion’s prayers were filled with thanksgiving and a request for a blessing, a diving favour, for health, strength and prosperity, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Conversations were filled with hope for the future as well to achieve great prosperity, earthly possessions to give back to family, community and country.  While not reaching the highest heights of material prosperity. He still embrace this dream, still hoping for the opportunity to be a blessing to all humanity.

My love for music began when sound systems like Stereo One, Jammys, Kilimanjaro, Stone Love, Black Star, Youthman Promotion, Ticka Music and African Symbol. All these vied to be the number one sound system for parties on the island of Jamaica. After each session a recording would be made and cassettes were then sold to anyone who wanted to preserve this unforgettable memory. The avid fans would have in his cassette collection the most iconic parties.

The best dancehalls were sound clashes with two or more of the best sound systems. With the hottest artists at the time. My favourite sound system was African Symbol who artist like Papa San, Shabba Ranks Pad Anthony and Pinchers. Though Euangelion never had the opportunity to be apart of the crew of those sounds it’s a new era and times have changed. Silver Metronome has risen to the top as the ideal sound system and party favourite, claiming the position of top dog at clubs and dancehalls.

To be continued .....

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Reggae music band with Hip Hop, Electronic/Dance and Dub Step stylings from China and Canada.

Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronic/Dance and Dub Step

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