At Silver Metronome Records we we are proud to be able to offer a roster of top recording and mixing talents specializing in the genres of Hip Hop and Reggae. So you can be confident to hire us for your next session.

Located in the country on Nutopia, our influence reaches globally, everywhere our fans are. Our physical presence is also located in British Columbia, Canada, Shandong China and Montego Bay Jamaica.


Our studio engineers have expert knowledge in the ins and outs of music production, but have also gained a wealth of experience in other studios around the world working with many different producers and artists.

Our taste inspires fans who are conservative in thoughts but liberal in action. We love dogs, plant trees, don’t want to leave Earth in ruins and hate stupidity. Oh we also believe the world is intelligently designed by a supreme designer. We do Hip Hop and Reggae but by no means does that result in a compromise with message we bring. Name one more studio that does what we do we will demonstrate that what we do is a little bit more with an attitude.

Home of Euangelion the rising star, with hits after hits on the local charts.

One of the most diverse of the super clubs, Club Silver Metronome has been a pivotal part of Canadian and Jamaican musical landscape since 2013. Club Silver Metronome has been a trademark for quality clubbing on the island of Jamaica, and over the years has helped shape the scene by hosting the biggest names in underground and mainstream dance.

Club Silver Metronome in Montego Bay is the bold evolution of this prestigious global brand into an all-encompassing nightlife experience. The nightclub features creative partnerships with premier musical talent across various genres who have tailored their performances to suit the unique capabilities of the local culture and to complement their own versatile styles. Club Silver Metronome offers a diverse nightlife experience with a variety of areas and atmospheres, cutting-edge technology and inspired design immersed moral decadence.






Reggae music band with Hip Hop, Electronic/Dance and Dub Step stylings from China and Canada.

Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronic/Dance and Dub Step

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Upcoming Events

At our club, concert hall and our Recording studio, Euangelion along with Silver Metronome provides music for your entertainment. Here is a list of import dated in our busy itinerary.

Sun, Aug 18

Club Silver Metronome

Burns Lake, BC, Canada

Tue, Aug 13

Reggae Sound Clash

Montego Bay, Jamaica – Damali Beach

Thu, Aug 3

Hip Hop Fest 2022

Spring Square, Jinan, Shandong, China

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From the itinerary of Silver Metronome Records and Euangelion who travels extensively, nationally and internationally to perform at various events

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