Have you heard about Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada? Many people have not even within the Province of British Columbia. We are located 54.2334° N, 125.7636° W. Our history is rich and our population though small is made of diverse concentration of ethnicities, but primarily of the first nations people. If you are heading to Prince Rupert or Kitimat form Prince George you will need to pass through our village.

Some things I like about my village is that is so small it’s difficult to get lost even if you are trying very hard. There are exotic wild life around like wolves, deer, moose and foxes and grouses are always making a fool of themselves on the back streets, in the trees and berry bushes. They all make a tasty treat when it’s their time to get hunted. There are so many lakes around I forgot the exact amount maybe 23 give or take. Most are natural while one of the largest was man make to help supply water to Alcan an aluminum smelting plant in the town in Kitimat. Surprisingly or not there are lots of salmon in these lakes all year round. There is even a fishery in an adjoining town that bread salmon for the wild. The lake that gave its name to our village separate’s it in two the north side have the primary infrastructure and essential services while the south side is a throw back in time. One of my favourite pastime is to ride the ferry across the lake to have an adventure. The ferry leaves port every half hour for the other side, try not to be late or you will have 30 minutes of glorious picturesque snaps in your camera.
In 2015 our hospital was the newest is British Columbia, it hosts about 15 beds an emergency room an operating theatre, a maternity room, lab, physiotherapy department and a clinic. Everyone is great who works at our hospital, patients usually have no negative complaints. We have kindergartens, primary schools, a high school and a community college for those who want to further their education.

A prominent activity we have each summer in The Big Pig, this is a day of mountain bike racing with an award of a few thousand dollars for the winner.
A recreation center that host a gym, rock climbing wall, weights room and a hockey arena. We cannot mention hockey without speaking about favourite time of the year for sports, winter.
More than half of the year here is cold and covered in snow, it is no wonder that Canadians excel at a number of athletic activities that are centred around the snow. Here are some thing we do in our village.
The most popular sport in our culture. It is played here 10 months of the year, many people unofficially call it the national sport Canada – the first organized hockey game in the country was played in Montreal back in 1875.
The First Nations began playing this sport more than 500 years ago, and today lacrosse is an integral part of native culture as well as across the country. Evolving over the years, lacrosse is now recognized as Canada's official national sport.
**Downhill skiing**
Smithers is great for downhill skiing but so is Burns Lake, there's a wide range of downhill options, from family-oriented mountain skiing to extreme cat skiing. So if you enjoy going really fast here is your chance. Come to our village and experience the thrill.
**Cross-country skiing**
This more relaxed, easy-going type of skiing is enjoyed by hardcore exercisers as well as novices. Cross Country Canada says some two million Canadians participate annually in this activity, which has “no boundaries” for age, religion, ethnicity, gender, or conditioning level.
The snow is all the more enjoyable when you're carving your way down a mountainside on a snowboard. Much like surfing on water, snowboarding is great to do in Burns Lake, some say even better that Smithers and Whistler.
**Ice fishing**
Have a liking for trout, northern pike, salmon, walleye, whitefish, or perch? When the lakes are frozen over at nights you’ll find many spots of glowing fires were people huddle around with rods in hands, hot coffee or chocolate and maybe a joint.
There are dedicated trails to protect our fragile ecology, after all we do believe in the care and preservation of our environment. Snowmobiling was once reserved for utility purposes, such as transporting materials and other necessities across the winter tundra, however today they're enjoyed as a fun recreational Canadian winter sport. Awesome to ride here in our village.


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