The Role of Music in Our Society

Listening to music is one of the most enigmatic behaviours. Why people listen to music?—what is its impact on them?—what is the role of music in society today? There is psychological effect of music –listening to music effect your mood, productivity and even intelligence. People use music as an alternative[…]

Silver Metronome Records Inc.

At Silver Metronome Records we we are proud to be able to offer a roster of top recording and mixing talents specializing in the genres of Hip Hop and Reggae. So you can be confident to hire us for your next session. Located in the country on Nutopia, our influence[…]

Marijuana and Musical Geniuses

Music is a therapeutic. It has the power to heal your soul and body. Music is an art, a science; where our words fail, we use the language of music to express our emotions. Music plays an important role in our lives. Music is usually linked to the mood of[…]